Saturday, August 18, 2012

North State Fires

Every summer in the California North State we are  keenly aware of the fires that ravage our forests. This year has been particularly intense as the many fires burning coincided with triple digit temperatures up to 110 degrees. For weeks in Forest Ranch we have been experiencing unusual heat and smokey air. This is a view of the sun rising through the smoke on the ridge.

Smoke Sunrise from North State Fires

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Sunrise on the Forest Ranch Ridge

The Humboldt Wagon Road

Part of the experience of living in Forest Ranch is learning about it's history. In the recently published book, The Humboldt Wagon Road (Arcadia; Images of America, 2012) Forest Ranch resident Marti Leicester and co-author David Nobel have given a fascinating account of the history of the Humboldt wagon road which was created in1863 by John Bidwell to run the 100 miles from Chico to Susanville. This road, which is the current Highway 32 was built in order to establish a trade route for the delivery of goods and services to Susanville and then to Idaho. The advent of the Pacific Railroad in 1869 put an end to the wagon transportation system.

Part of the old Humboldt Wagon Road called The county seat grade

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photographing Locally

In this years blog, 2012, I'm continuing to stay local by photographing and posting something other than the sunrises of the Forest Ranch Ridge as I did last year ( although I might throw a few magnificent ones in during the year).  I'm choosing this years theme because although Forest Ranch is a small community, it has it's own unusual and beautiful charm. It is also a challenge photographically for me to stay true to photographing the light of change, as change here happens slowly and predominantly in nature and in the history of what remains. One way or another it will be a joy to continue to do what I love, which is to be in nature and photograph the remnants of what I find there.

Forest Ranch Truck Window