Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wealth and Well-Being

We're happy to say our full website and blog are finally up at website www.wealth-being.com announcing our new book. We began our journey encouraging therapists, counselors and helping professionals to consider addressing financial consciousness as part of over all well-being. The following is a page from our website.  We are hoping this will be a useful contribution. 
About the Book

The taboo against talking about money with your clients is over!

This book guides you in addressing the connection between self-care, self-worth and net worth with your clients.

People spend money on what they value.  Help your clients build the "values nest eggs" they need for a fuller, richer life.

Wealth and Well Being, a book for therapists, counselors and helping professionals, delivers the message that speaking about money should not be taboo. It teaches about money in the United States and addresses the emotional roadblocks that stop clients from achieving the wealth and abundance they desire. These roadblocks include anxiety and compulsive behaviors with money and spending, depression, trauma, and poor self-care.

The book is a guide to help counselors in the recovering community to address specific issues in money and recovery with their clients. It is filled with helpful worksheets and vignettes that make a complicated issue in our society manageable and clear.

Buy the book now.

A complete set of the exercises and worksheets in the book is now available in convenient PDF format.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whats the Promise?

I was e chatting with my sister Jo this morning about keeping the faith in the joy of our lives when we often can’t see or control the means for the outcome. We said that often we forget that despite or maybe because of conflicts, our lives always seem to work out. When I ask her for ideas of what to write about this morning, she said write “ that you are happy to be alive and enjoying life!” What a great idea, because in fact, that’s true. I continue to actually see the end of the rainbow, it is not illusive. When I see it, it is not the traditional pot of gold, but the promise that the gold is the gold of my intention and creation. True, I am creating my life often times in the middle of chaos, confusion and fear, but I believe in the promise that things will work out even if I don’t know how. In that I have faith. I am happy to be alive and I do enjoy my life! Thanks for the reminder Jo. Oh, and happy birthday to your first born, how lucky you are to have him in your life, as I am for mine!   Life is good.

Rainbow on Orchards

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Berry Hill, Lake Madrone Cemetery

Pioneer Cemetery, Berry Hill, Lake Madrone

Berry Hill, Lake Madrone Cemetery

Sometimes as a photographer, I get excited about doing a series of photographs on a certain theme.  I will focus on that theme for awhile, and then move on, and come back to it again. These small projects usually are part of a whole set of interests that I seem to be drawn to as a photographer and artist. Themes that I have been interested photographing over the years have been the disapearing icons in California and elsewhere. Movie theatre marquees, drive in movies, phone booths, old gas stations and pumps, weathered barns, and other "echos of the past"  are all images that I like to photograph. Pioneer Cemeteries have been my latest interest in our travels around and about the north state. 

Grinding Rock next to Cemetery

Maidu Cemetery

Maidu Cemetery