Friday, March 27, 2009

Sister Road Trip

I was blessed to spend the last week with my two older sisters, Jo and Sandra. We traveled up to the eastern border of California to explore Lava Beds National Park and the surrounding area, Tulelake, Merrill and the National Wildlife Refuge. We stayed at Al and Verna's Winema roadside Lodge, ate some great food, saw three bald eagles, tons of birds, and explored the volcanic tubes and caves of the area in freezing cold weather. We saw some amazing petroglyphs and photographed like crazy, stopping every time one of us got a whim. We walked across the Shasta Lake resevoir, and ended up in Chico, with a tour of Bidwell Mansion and the beautiful Chico Campus. Mainly we laughed alot, told stories, and reminded one another of crazy times from our childhood. I had an amazing time with two wonderful human beings who I am lucky enough to have as sisters. 

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