Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Drive

Fun is getting in the car on a Sunday (or any day really), and going for a drive with Sam and my camera. It's a time to be together with not too many distractions, and it's a time I can really concentrate on seeing. I love to focus on looking. Looking for beauty, looking for a visual treasure in just what is, that's what I love. Sometimes I don't need to photograph anything, just the joy of looking is enough. We always seems to stumble upon wonderful discoveries by accident, like the cemetery at Nimshew, tucked away in the hills overlooking a ridge. Sometimes we try and find things, like the burned forest at Concow from last summers devastating fires. Sometimes it's a found sculpture like the pulley among the spring wildflowers in Beldon. Always its fun, relaxing, and brings great joy. If I could only do this, be in those moments, that's what I  would be and  what I'd do.


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